Photo: Caroline Koehler Photography

Photo: Caroline Koehler Photography


But what does that investment look like? How long do you have to invest in it? Are results immediate?

Let’s get real: it looks like a healthy monetary budget and patience for a budget of significant time, too. You should never give up investing in it; but it’s all based on your goals. No.

PR seems a lot more complicated on its face than it really is. While the work and efforts of PR aren't always black and white, their impact is unignorable.

PR is a full-time job. It is never "over." That is, unless your business is. PR is constant and consistent pitching of your brand to engaged and interested press and public to tell, evolve and elevate your brand’s awareness and impact with them.

Building, maintaining, grooming and expand your brand's public image, especially in the digital age, is a dedicated process that takes great time and effort. There are numerous tactics, strategics and processes to be strategized upon and executed.

Perry Rose Media uses a curated selection of advertising, marketing and PR tactics. You can learn more here.

Your investment in Perry Rose Media for bridal PR supports the creative small business economy, my dreams and your future.

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