Photo: Caroline Koehler Photography

Photo: Caroline Koehler Photography

PR is an investment

But what does that investment look like? How long do you have to invest in it? Are results immediate?

PR seems a lot more complicated on its face than it really is. While the work and efforts of PR aren't always black and white, their impact is unignorable.

Think of any company's commercial, jingle, graphic, poster, phrase, spokesperson, photo, message or logo that you can remember - guess what? The reason you're familiar with these various topics is due to a successful PR campaign. A company was hired to strategize, create, promote, launch and report on this campaign. Consider this: How long did this campaign run? How many times did you have to be exposed to this content in order to remember and recall it, even now? What made this campaign so effective that the brand resonated with you?

PR is a full-time job. It is never "over." That is, unless your business is. Results are not immediate. Building, maintaining, grooming and evolving your brand's public image, especially in the digital age, is a constant cycle that takes time

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