Photo: Chelsea Hall Photography

Photo: Chelsea Hall Photography


A popular question our team receives is how much does PR really cost - and how long does it take?

Simply put, there is no direct answer to these questions.

It’s an industry standard that results are not guaranteed, and often aren’t secured within a few months of contracted work.

PR is an on-going effort of pitching, developing, writing and editing, fostering relations and securing earned press.

Monthly retainers vary based on the industry, agency, goals and other factors that are unique to each situation.

Perry Rose Media uses a curated selection of advertising, marketing and PR tactics. Each is personalized for the individual client to drive results. You can learn more here.

Our PR retainers begin at $3000 per month and require six months agency exclusivity.

Your investment in Perry Rose Media for bridal PR supports the creative small business economy, especially women.

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