Photo by Heather Tabacchi

Photo by Heather Tabacchi

Launched on the day of the new moon, November 18th, this collection pays tribute to many influences from nature and natural elements and makes waves for incorporating a technique that is entirely original, not having been seen in jewelry or accessory design before its release.

Along with the debut of the AXIS Collection, Kata Banko Couture debuted a newly designed website including a blog, original music and video footage. 

 When designing this collection, I kept my signature style of working with core components. This collection is not world’s apart from what I’ve done before; it holds true to who I am as an artist. I’ve simply just worked in new techniques. I’ve continued to work with healing crystals and precious stones, but pioneered a new way of infusing them into my collection. The diversity in color and texture makes a beautiful statement at the ceremony of union, and continues to translate to wearable pieces beyond the wedding day. - Head Designer, Colleen Bankovich

To see the new website and the entire collection, visit Kata Banko Couture's website here.