Fair Trade Bridal Line Celia Grace Empowers Rebel Brides

CHICAGO, Feb. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2017, Lisa Kaehler took over ownership of fair trade certified bridal line, Celia Grace. As we move along in the New Year, big changes are happening for the line.

To see the current collection, visit: https://www.celia-grace.com/collections/wedding-dress.

Seeing the rise of awareness about ethical fashion, Kaehler feels as though Celia Grace can become industry-changing company; one that stands up to fast, exploitive bridal fashion. When the former co-owner and CEO Marcie Muehlkebegan discussing sales, Kaehler saw a refreshed vision for the brand and took the chance.

Kaehler's background in retail began in her parents' stores, eventually involving many women owned businesses. After two years of working as a sales rep in the fashion industry, it was time for change. Initially, Kaehler wanted to establish aUSA-made shorts line, but the opportunity to own and rework Celia Grace trumped earlier plans. The structure of partnerships with cooperatives is the only areas of the business without plans for change.

"I could play it safe but it wouldn't be true to myself. I think the company has tried to quietly say 'look at this amazing thing we're doing, isn't that lovely, you are beautiful if you choose to buy Celia Grace.' I want to be a little more direct. To be bold and show women, look at these rebel brides, aren't they cool? Isn't it amazing that they can empower women and look amazing AND have pockets? I don't want to be quiet anymore," says Kaehler.

About Celia Grace
We donate a school uniform to a child in need in Cambodia for each dress sold through a local nonprofit partner, Tailored for Education. We ensure safe and empowering work conditions and a fair wage so that our dressmakers can take their kids to the doctor and send their girls to school. We use as many natural fiber fabrics as possible and many of our dresses are made with our handmade, heirloom eco silks that use no electricity and very little water or chemicals to make. Our gowns use dyes only from renewable sources and to reduce the quantities of chemicals used, without compromising the quality of the results. To learn more or to connect on social media, visit www.celia-grace.com.

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