Milwaukee-based bridal line to bring ethical style to nyc this fall love lives here bridal announces new collection, new site launch

Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018

Milwaukee, WI

Love Lives Here Bridal prepares to launch its first collection at The Fringe Collective bridal market in New York City following a rebrand from MinkMaids and a new website launch.

The collection, Meraki, is an evolution in the sparkly, whimsical spirit of MinkMaids with a focus on comfort, impeccable fit, and luxe fabrics. The name Love Lives Here represents a bride that is modern and confident, graceful and strong through design that is simple but very significant - where all the elements of her coincide.

Love Lives Here wedding dresses fuse opulent textures and hints of sparkle in minimalist, shape-accentuating silhouettes. The gowns are designed and crafted with classic necklines, defined waistlines, and cascading skirts - all flattering cuts for women of all shapes and sizes.

“I took great care to design for a range of body-types,” says head designer and owner Amanda Jennings.

With sizing up to 24 and fully-customizable details, Love Lives Here offers all brides the opportunity to make her wedding dress dreams come true.

“With past collections, I would often feel torn when designing - like different styles in the collection work for totally different brides. I feel like I've finally worked out the kinks and am building a more cohesive brand. I love the direction and it still works for brides who embody different styles - the ‘multifaceted bride’.” says head designer Amanda Jennings.

Each dress is designed and crafted by hand in the Milwaukee studio by Amanda Jennings. The team operates with strong effort in empowering women. Their passion lies in building quality gowns and a strong community, and through this, lasting relationships. Love Lives Here donates a percentage of profits to organizations that support and mentor women in entrepreneurship including Kiva and WWBIC.


Love Lives Here Bridal is a woman-owned and -run design house based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. By combining intentional style and sentiment, Love Lives Here embraces the bridal revolution in that your wedding dress purchase has more of an impact than your wedding day. MinkMaids was formed in 2009 with the purpose of bringing authentic, passionately made special occasion apparel to its equally passionate and authentic clients. The goal was to create bridal attire that represented the individual bride (and/or couple), instead of offering just the bridal norms or trends. As the brand has grown and matured, its approach to bridal wear has honed in on its heritage craftsmanship and effortless style.


Connect with Love Lives Here online, on Instagram, and on Facebook. To book your appointment at bridal market, contact Amanda at or visit The Fringe Collective’s website to schedule online.

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