Bohyne Bridal launches Kickstarter campaign to help fund production, co-op needs


Last month, Colleen Bankovich secured the rights to the designs of the Wild Wood Collection, the first collection fair trade bridal line Celia Grace debuted in nearly five years. Styles from the Wild Wood Collection were seen in Modern Luxury Weddings Chicago, British Vogue, Vogue India and more. 

Going forward, Bankovich will transform Celia Grace into a new brand, Bohyne. Bankovich and her team will continue the legacy of fair trade bridal with new styles, new ambitions and new intentions. Approximately every two months, Bohyne will drop a series of styles through an innovative “slow drop” model. In the name of sustainability, the line will spread out the manufacture and marketing of each style. Aside from the protest to fast fashion, this tactic ensures that each hand-crafted item has its chance to shine. 


At 11:30 a.m. yesterday, Bohyne launched a 30-day kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising enough funds to successfully launch Bohyne, and give back to its dressmakers.

“Its not easy to start and build a brand, there really never is enough money to go around, and with Bohyne's model as a give-back brand, we need all the support we can get to do things right from the start. The needs of our co-ops that we are working with are hugely important. I want to see fair trade manufacturers to succeed and grow, and so many people depend on the successes of companies like this to ensure they can feed their families, and be paid a living wage. Isn't that what we all strive to do?” Implores Bankovich. 

Bohyne is seeking to raise $30,000 to off-set the costs of production, preparation and publicity for Bohyne as a whole, as well as each series of designs drops. In addition to raising funds for Bohyne, a portion of donations will be directly gifted to our cooperative of dressmakers and seamstresses in Cambodia. Their team is in need of new resources and tools to continue production on schedule, while expanding opportunities for new work in the village.   


Once the Kickstart campaign closes on October 31, the Wild Wood Collection will no longer be available for purchase. At that time, Bohyne will begin revealing the new designs from the anticipated Deadstock Collection - think of this as a play on “Woodstock.” Pre-orders for Bohyne designs will start November 5, and will begin to be fulfilled by March of 2020. Some of the most coveted styles from the Wild Wood Collection, including Crosby and Elizabeth H. will be carried over into Bohyne’s offerings. 

There are some enticing gifts for donors including cash off wedding gown orders for brides, hand-written thank you notes form the team, mentions on Bohyne’s website (launching in November) and unisex bamboo robes. Kickstarter’s fundraising model permits projects to be funded if, and only if, they surpass their financial goal. This means without meeting (or exceeding) the donation goal, Bohyne will not receive any funding at all. 

To learn more about Bohyne and to support the Kickstarter, please visit this link:

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