Perry Rose Media announces representation of cannabis brands with cannabis PR services

Perry Rose Media’s clients  Kata Banko Couture  and  Canna Crush  in collaboration with the  House of Puff

Perry Rose Media’s clients Kata Banko Couture and Canna Crush in collaboration with the House of Puff

On February 25, Perry Rose Media made the announcement on Instagram and Facebook that cannabis brands would be welcomed as a new niche for our growing PR and creative agency.

There are numerous reasons for our agency to expand into this sector, but we want to highlight a few especially relevant facts.

Our team, family and friends have all seen and experienced the benefits of cannabis as a whole - from CBD oil tinctures to restoring creams to THC edibles to lip butters to lollipops. This is a growing market with endless opportunity and unique ability for our team to showcase its creative side.

We want to crush stereotypes that embrace wine and xanax but shun edibles and medicated bath bombs.

The failed war on drugs has left consumers unsure of who and what to trust when it comes to cannabis. Without FDA approval, change in federal law and societal shift, consumers have every right to question the legitimacy of cannabis use. However, we live in a time where a surplus of data encourages our exploration. From anxiety and stress, to physical discomfort, troublesome skin, to ritual necessities; holistic, natural and alternative remedies exist fully in this space.

We want to help companies (whose sole purpose is to help consumers) celebrate their products and stories in the media, as well as through digital marketing, to create a positive sentiment with their desired audience, as well as the general public. Our team is passionate about its uses and benefits. We believe in small businesses. Our creative approach will help a spectrum of cannabis brands captivate the market.

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As you know, Bridal Fashion has been the number one niche leading of Perry Rose Media’s clientele list, content production work, travel, etc. since 2015. When @teamperryrosemedia first launched, we serviced various businesses and brands until we discovered @katabankocouture and have never looked back. . . Though we have grown and expanded our roots to the clean beauty industry, there hasn’t been a time where a significant shift in what we do and who we do it for nearly four years. But now.. it’s time ⭐️ . . #TeamPRM is expanding and extending our services to the cannabis community. While CBD may the the most trending wellness topic atm, even in bridal, cannabis is nothing new to our team. Our families, loved ones, friends and peers have actively used cannabis products and supplements for decades to manage various illnesses and promote well-being. But why now? . . Although this topic and possibly even this post may seem taboo, we understand the power and healing that cannabis offers humans (and pets!), and we also understand the immense need for publicists in this industry. We are here to say we are with you, one of you, and here to tell your stories to the right audience. . . Our represented first brand in this sector is @canna.crush, which launched their brand this past Valentine’s Day. Canna Crush is a digital canna lifestyle brand that will be launching an online shop of curated accessories for the #HIGHfunctioning on 4.20.19 - stay tuned for more details ⭐️

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Are you a cannabis brand looking for creative services or PR representation? We’d love to chat!