3 free digital tools and websites to leverage strong visuals in Bridal PR


Budgets are one of the toughest obstacles when it comes to a successful Bridal PR campaign. Accessibility to contacts, distribution channels and reporting tools aren't easy to get around paying for - but costly editing and photo building software definitely are. Here are 3 websites and digital tools I use for creating free, quality visuals.

I'm all for keeping things natural and a lot less photoshopped, but sometimes a splash of faux tan or texture-smoothing layers make a photo look a lot more appealing. I love PicMonkey's basic makeup touch up tools (especially spray tan and blush). I also love their filters tool which can be adjusted on a scale of 0-100% for intensity.

Stock photos come in use for a number of different purposes - commercial marketing, blogging (see above), social media and even on websites. High-quality stock photography such as that from Getty Images can be pretty pricy for a small budget, but fortunately there are a number of free sites out there with solid stock photo options. Keep in mind: a lot of these sites will have the same photos, and some a limited assortment for particular topics. Two sites I use are Pexels and Unsplash

Another one of my favorite photo editing websites, Canva has a fantastic selection of pre-built social media templates. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all included, and their large selection of free graphic design templates allow you to make high-quality marketing materials in just minutes. The best part: with the dimensions already mapped out, you won't have to worry about cropping or zooming the graphic as you're posting

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