A few things you need to know about marketing on Facebook in 2018

Facebook marketing

Facebook's algorithm can be one of the trickiest digital equations to understand and interpret - let alone beat. Just when you think you've nailed it, a new update can send your page's engagement into a black hole.

Here are a few things you need to know before you schedule your next post:

  • Facebook is prioritizing video over stills; which tells you a little about how strong your still visuals must be to gain any traction for engagement. Videos on Facebook, including Facebook Live, are the best engagement posts, hands down.
  • Your language can affect promotion approval, post reach and brand trust. Facebook can evaluate so much about you in just a few words. Keep this in mind when it comes to your calls to action, asking questions, etc.
  • Advertising budgets should start at minimum around $35 to see any real traction. Anything less will give you a few hits of visibility but will likely not bring in potential clients. Think of it this way: the biggest brands out there, with tremendous budgets, are paying to play - that's what your up against in terms of feed visibility. 
  • Post optimization is an absolute MUST. To share or schedule a post with incorrect dimensions or low quality photography is just unacceptable. Make sure the metadata on the links you share are solid, and keep in mind, you won't have the ability to edit headlines from domains that you don't own.
  • Quality over quantity is in full swing at Facebook. Rather than flooding the newsfeed every hour with content for the sake of posting, focus on posting just a few strong, strategic posts daily.

    With small business, bridal industry and newsroom experience, I've learned a LOT about the importance of Facebook in business. If you're looking to pass the reigns to someone else, I'd love to chat with you about my social media management services!