How to choose the hair and makeup team for your wedding day

Lydia Ruth Photography

Lydia Ruth Photography

Last week, I talked to you about timelines to keep your big day running smoothly. This week, I want to discuss and kindly educate about how to select the perfect hair and makeup team (because you deserve it!). 

By the time you’ve booked the photographer and the venue, altered the dress and sent the invitations, it's time for the next decision. Who do you choose as your hair stylist and makeup artist?


One night you're out talking with your bridesmaids, and it hits you - there's 5 months before your wedding day and you haven’t booked your hair and makeup team. Then you assure yourself when you recall reading in the Bridal Magazines that you shouldn’t book that until 2 months before.

The next day, you decide to start your hair stylist and makeup artist search. But you come to find your top choices are all booked and can't give you the look you're dreaming of. 

It's heartbreaking - I know because I’ve been there, even as a hairstylist. I waited to book until one month prior to my destination wedding. I thought I was the exception to the rule. I only wanted makeup done; I didn’t see it being an issue. When I researched local makeup artists, there simply weren't any. I finally found one an hour away, but we were never able to solidify plans. 

You're probably wondering, why am I sharing this with you? Is hair and makeup really that important? Think about this: you're spending upwards of $8,000 on photography. You spend hundreds, if not thousands on your dress. With such care to all the details, it's pretty clear investing in a flawless face and polished 'do is well worth it.   

As a wedding vendor, I know first hand what goes into making your big day. It takes a lot of team work, dedication to your vision, and most importantly, ensuring your joy with the service. Your reaction with how great you look and feel, is something we live for at Sweetly Pinned Hair and Makeup.


Evaluate what’s important to you - dollar signs or expertise. Are you looking to hire someone less expensive (even if they're less experienced) to stay within a budget? There’s nothing wrong with having a budget. But keep in mind, you get what you pay for.


When searching for local beauty teams, I recommend you visit Google, The Knot, Instagram and Wedding Wire. I have personally used The Knot and Google the most. Reviews are very important; always check out what past clients have to say. If someone leaves a negative review, see if the business owner the addressed the issue with a response.


Pricing is a big deal, but knowing the market and what stylists are worth is a bigger deal. When I first started out, I charged a lot less. Makes sense right? But as the years have advanced, so has my teams' skills. We simply charge what we are worth. We might be more than other stylists in one market, and less in another.


We take your day very serious. Instead of partying on a Friday the night before your wedding, we spend it packing, looking over the trial run photos, cleaning our tools, and getting a good nights rest. We show up to do our absolute best. Through emailing and scheduling, we spend months communicating with our brides; going over timelines, conducting trials, editing proposals and doing follow-ups. Our ultimate goal is to provide an excellent experience to each and every bride. I am always here to answer questions and help guide you through the entire process.


This is a BIG ONE! For those of you, who love Pinterest, and I know I do: we have high expectations on the execution of everything from baked cakes to hair styles. We find once brides start asking questions and look into the photo, they realize the depth of the process and time spend creating. There's often sticker-shock when it comes to the cost of that hairstyle, home, or outfit. Whether a stylist is an influencer or amateur, in Germany, Russia, or the UK. None of them can whip up an intricate hairstyle in less than an hour. Each style requires prep work. Some styles require extensions. Some require special products. Others require numerous hot tools. All of these factors play a role into pricing.


Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of "their sister/cousin/aunt is a hairstylist" or "they know someone in beauty school"? Well, in theory, that sounds great - it saves money and maybe she’s not bad? At lower price points, many stylists are still seeking experience. Do you want your wedding hair to be an experiment? Taking an alternate route with family or friends can sometimes cause problems in the long run. We’ve had brides who have experienced unprofessional makeup services. For them, it was chaotic (not what you want on your wedding day) and ultimately put everyone behind schedule.


  • We want you to feel confident in who you choose as your beauty team

  • We service our local brides-to-be with reasonable pricing

  • We help you understand interpretations of inspiration into reality  

  • We have a combined ___ years of experience, and are dedicated to continuing to our education 

I want all brides to feel confident in who they choose for the best day ever, and my team is confident in our ability to deliver that to you. If you're interested in becoming a Sweetly Pinned bride, you can contact me here

*This post was written by Perry Rose Media for our client Sweetly Pinned Hair and Makeup. It was originally posted on Sweetly Pinned's Blog. Click here to read the original post.