Let's talk New York bridal market - and why it's crucial to have a bridal PR strategy in place NOW

Photo by Chelsea Hall Photography

Photo by Chelsea Hall Photography

If there's one thing that'll keep bridal designers up at night, it's bridal market. It's one heck of an expense with little promise of ROI. But it's essential and expected - so in preparation of this highly anticipated bi-annual bridal showcase, a solid PR strategy is everything

Being just shy of two months out, now is the time to be strategizing and planning not only editorial content, but also marketing campaigns, media lists, and message distribution.

Here are a few key points to think about:

  • Is your brand debuting at bridal market, or showcasing at a new market?
  • What is your brand's design concept, price point, fabric choice or brand message that's worth highlighting? 
  • How are you leveraging social media to build interest in your brand's new collection?
  • Who do you want to have feature and/or cover your brand's new collection?
  • Do you have a plan for your brand's event design and styling for your presentation space?
  • What is the plan you have (or need!) to get buyers and press to your presentation space?

    I've personally attended bridal market in both Chicago and New York City - which vary greatly from one another. New York is notorious for a vast spanning selection of bridal markets, from The Knot to The Fringe Collective to The London Hotel to The Warwick Hotel, The Dream Hotel, and many other invite-only presentations.

    With all of the options - and chaotic nature of the city - it makes it crucial to not only select the right venue, but to market and connect with buyers effectively beforehand. Bridal market in New York City is essentially a sea of designers, spread out among the city's congested roads.

    What's going to bring a buyer to you? How do they know where to find you? What's your angle?

    If you need to whip your bridal PR and bridal market strategy into shape, we'd love to chat with you about our customized bridal market PR and marketing packages. Click here to learn more