3 simple ways to improve your blog today


Experiencing a plateau with your blog? Without a team of copywriters and editors, it can be hard to keep things fresh. Don’t waste time being stumped - refocus your energy onto improving current features. While these topics are directly focused on blogs, they can be used for revamping your email newsletters, also.

Here are three things that will give your blog an instant boost.

Create and implement a signature
Do you sign off your blog (and newsletters) with a signature? This simple touch can give your readers a more personalized experience when engaging with your content. The best thing is: this is such an easy task! You can get as creative as to design a logo with a script font, or just create a branded signature format.

Create and implement and style guide
Consistency is a great way to not only show your eye for detail, but create a reliable experience with your readers. A style guide consisting of layout templates, heading and body text details, required number of images and links, and other details will cut the timely work of designing your blog in half, while giving your blog a cleaner, more refined aesthetic. Use the time you’re saving to brainstorm new topic ideas.

Save ideas and topics in drafts for low energy times
As an entrepreneur, freelancer, small business owner or blogger, your time is incredibly valuable. Harnessing the high-energy moments of stress-free work environments and creative flow is essential to balance the days you really don’t want to stop binging Netflix. Rather than taking notes of ideas or saving voice memos, draft them into your blog. The next time you’re drawing blanks in front of the screen, revisit your draft section. (Pro tip: this is also a great way to plan and parcel tasks off to interns!)

The next time you’re stumped updating your blog, refer to this list and get busy!

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