How we determine if a client has workable chemistry


There’s no doubt that strong chemistry between clients and service providers yields top-notch experience and results. As a boutique PR agency, we are very limited to the number of clients we work with. It’s absolutely essential for us to have strong chemistry with our clientele. For us, that means establishing boundaries, testing the waters and always being honest with our capabilities and their expectations.

When you’re finally ready to hire a publicist or PR agency for representation and media relations, the search begins by analyzing the visual content an agency supplies via web and social media. But how can you know if you have chemistry with an agency?

How we determine a good fit:

  1. Start by clearly communicating your brand identity online and through social media. This will help prospect clients who are skimming options to quickly assess compatibility.

  2. Having a conversation face to face if possible, otherwise on the phone. Discussing goals, budget, calendar and expectations honestly cuts the fat from deliberation; do we have the capabilities to accomplish aforementioned goals on budget, following deadlines, while exceeding expectations? If not, we can recommend other options through consulting.

  3. Confirm a prospect client’s preferred style, productivity and communication methods are workable and realistic for our agency’s day-to-day output. Things to take into consideration: time differences, language barriers and currency translation. Clients rely on us to get our job done; our results, reports and consistent communication ensure we’re on the same page.

  4. Offering a trial period if a particular case warrants it. Trial periods are an excellent way to demonstrate capabilities in building momentum, how we collectively “work” and what quick results can look like.

If you believe your business is ready to outsource media relations, we’d love to have a conversation and see if Perry Rose Media is the right fit for your company.