Why boutique PR? Three reasons a smaller team can yield bigger ROI


When it comes time to hire a PR agency, there’s a lot to consider. What are your goals? What’s a good budget? One thing not to overlook is if a boutique PR firm may be the right fit for your brand’s needs. What is a boutique PR firm? A boutique PR firm, unlike large PR agencies, takes on a limited number of clients and provides niche services, or services to a specific niche.

Perry Rose Media is a boutique PR firm specializing in bridal PR, also serving the beauty and cannabis industries. We do work in the public relations space, but also support brands with copywriting, social media and other à la carte services. Much of the work we’ve done in the past continues to benefit clients, whether it be evergreen content, cumulative press or otherwise.

Despite our small size, we’re confident in our ability to deliver big on your investment in our services. Some of our most recent press wins include features for our clients with British Vogue, High Times and Modern Luxury Weddings (see them and more here.)

Here are three reasons to consider hiring a boutique PR firm:

  1. Dollars and sense

    Let’s be real: PR isn’t cheap, and it’s not predictable either. How can you make the most of your investment? Paying a small PR team over a massive agency may be the solution. With a boutique size firm, your dollars are exchanged for value and results - not expensive office space or employee benefits (as impressive as they may be.) For a fourth of the monthly cost of a large agency (large agencies may charge ~$20K per month) a brand can see just as impactful earned press, influencer campaigns and social media results.

  2. Dedicated approach

    With smaller teams comes a more connected experience. A boutique PR firm won’t be signing a dozen new clients a month, instead you’ll find laser-focus on just a handful of brands. Since most boutique PR firms work in specific niches, their ability to deliver meaningful press results is not to be overlooked. The exclusivity of such a hands-on, results-driven experience is a major selling point for brands to consider - especially if they’ve not worked with a PR agency before.

  3. Down to the point

    It’s unlikely a boutique PR firm will over-promise and under-deliver. It’s no new news that smaller teams offer more productive work, better momentum and in turn, yield better ROI. Many small team PR firms, including Perry Rose Media, strive to deliver goal-crushing results and exceed clients’ expectations as a standard. Larger agencies face unique challenges including more schedules to manage, communication channels to navigate, and protocol processes to follow that can require far more time and patience towards seeing results.

    While an esteemed reputation, massive network and desirable opportunities of a large agency may draw brands, a boutique firm can provide exceptional value in both maximizing financial resources and delivering highly desirable results.

    If you think Perry Rose Media is the right PR agency for your brand, get in touch with us today!