Let's be honest: Are you press-ready?


Everyone wants to go viral and be seen in the press, but the reality is, wanting to achieve these placements doesn’t mean you’re prepared for them.

Before a publicist sends a pitch out to media, there is a lot of planning that takes place. Evaluating product specs, pricing, availability, ingredients, etc. are among the first stages of research. The best agents continuously study the market and press, so it shouldn’t take much time to decipher the best placements to seek out. Once the process starts, it’s important to analyze what’s working and what isn’t: just because a pitch doesn’t land press now, doesn’t mean it can’t be repurposed in the future.

Note: we like to prioritize placements for our clients in two ways: opportunities we can seize quickly, and those which take longer time to secure. The latter offers the best ROI, but there’s immense value in short-lead opportunities, especially if the brand (and publicist) knows how to make the most out of their press wins.

There are a number of variables that impact what types of press are sought: relevance, resonance and visibility are top priorities, and overall standard benchmarks. But it’s not just the press you’re seeking that presents variables. We get really excited for brands starting their research for PR, and we’re often contacted by news businesses looking for their first PR agency. Aside from budget, production capabilities and schedule availability are relevant factors and even hinderances to their press readiness.

Now it’s time to evaluate your position: are you press ready? Answer the questions to this quiz truthfully, because the integrity of the results will depend on your ability to frankly respond to them.

This quiz will evaluate your press readiness. Here’s how to navigate this quiz:

Answer each question honestly. There are multiple choices, but only one answer may be selected. Each answer has a point value, the higher your point result and the end of the quiz, the more prepared for press you are. The lower your point score, the less prepared you are for earning press, and the less of a priority it should be for your business at this time. Scroll inside the survey box to reach the next question. There are 10 questions total.

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