Why bloggers and influencers need media kits PLUS 3 steps to create a pitch-ready media kit


If you run a blog or influencer account, a media kit is an essential part of your business wardrobe.

Why? Media kits are like visual elevator pitches for your personal brand - it gives partners and sponsors an opportunity to learn how your brand performs in a snapshot. It also introduces your interests, services, demographics, campaigns and pricing.

We’ve created a simple three step guide to creating a pitch-ready media kit.

Map out your copy necessities.
While the necessities for each blogger and influencer differs, these topics will be relevant to almost anyone creating a media kit:
1. Instagram stats
2. Impressions
3. Website stats
4. Services you offer
5. Your rates
6. Short bio
7. Awards
8. Brands you’ve worked with
9. Demographics

(Pro tip: Low stats? Incorporate Pinterest monthly views (if you missed our Pinterest workshop in our Perry Rose Media Insider’s Group, join us and get the content before it gets buried under our next topic!)

Design your media kit.
There are many free and subscription websites like Canva and PicMonkey that give you the tools needed to create media kits. At Perry Rose Media, we use like these online resources in place of expensive PhotoShop and InDesign software, although our team is versed in the entire Adobe suite.

Canva is our favorite free graphic and photo editing website, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite templates that can be edited for media kits:

1. Turquoise Typography Artist Letterhead
2. White Minimalist Charity Letterhead
3. Orange Modern Fashion Designer Personal Letterhead

Canva has enough shapes, frames, filters and fonts to customize every inch of your document.

There are also numerous online resources for designer-made Canva templates to take your media kit to the next level. We love The Side Blogger’s online shop and this free media kit from Cassie Scroggins.

Save an editable version of your media kit
on your account or computer so that you can update your stats when you pull new numbers for your website or social media. We recommend updating at least once a month. Trust us - you don’t want to lose track of your editable media kit when it comes time to update per brand requests!

Once you’ve completed each step, you’re ready to start pitching. Not sure where to start? Get all this managed and more! Our influencer representation and publicity program launching this April. Contact Alex for additional information and early access.