Here's how branded photography can recast your business


Here’s something you won’t see everyday: a PR professional talking about (or even producing) photoshoots.

Whether we’re talking websites, social media, biographies, boiler plates, or even email signatures, a strong visual representation for your brand is unignorable. While an epic logo can become iconic in its own right, high-quality imagery depicting you and your team can drive your social media engagement through the roof.

So what exactly is branded photography?

Branded photography is simply photos that are unique and thoughtfully styled for your business. These photos can be head shots, styled flat lay shots (see below), your products mixed with others (I see this a lot with skincare companies!), technology depicting your services, and importantly, photography that you WON’T find on a stock site. These photos can be shared and posted just as they are, edited into frames/shapes, edited with text, etc.

Here is an example of branded flat lay photography from our client,  Hyacinth Bridal

Here is an example of branded flat lay photography from our client, Hyacinth Bridal

Why do you need branded photography?

Not only does it give your digital presence a more authentic, personable appeal, but it allows your business to stand out with content that is totally unique. Sure, flat lays have a lot of the same elements: technology, pens, mugs, books, lamps, etc. but there are so many ways to dub yours individual. Think business cards, your hands, a favorite mug, etc. Anecdotes you can use to tell your story and get your audience familiarized with your goals, likes, etc. In addition to your social presence, your website can be transformed from “find it everywhere” stock to “this company knows what they’re doing - just look at them.”

The objective of branded photography, much like PR, is to further your brand’s trust and familiarity with its target audience by telling a story.

What are some examples of branded photography?

As mentioned above, head shots and flat lays are considered branded photography - and are probably the most common and popular examples you’ll find online. But you can easily raise the bar with shots of you and your team at work (in your studio/work space,) together in a unique space (restaurants, museums, etc.) or even doing something “good” (such as volunteering, charity work, etc.)

Rather than filling your platforms with reposts and stock photos, consider scheduling regular photo shoots to begin utilizing your very own branded content.

Perry Rose Media is one of the only public relations agencies

and the only bridal pr company, to have extensive experience in planning, creative direction and styling with handcrafted, couture gowns and accessories in styled shoots, look books, social media and website content. Our team boasts curated a list of “go-to” talent that deliver high-quality images through budget-attentive projects. We can beat out almost any content project (in terms of $$$, options and turn around time) that our clients would work on the coasts and in big cities.

Most recently a shoot I creatively directed was used as the visual content for a piece I secured for Celia Grace in Modern Luxury Weddings magazine in Chicago. See below and read the latest issue here.