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How we determine if a client has workable chemistry

When you’re finally ready to hire a publicist or PR agency for representation and media relations, the search begins by analyzing the visual content an agency supplies via web and social media. But how can you know if you have chemistry with an agency?

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Why now is the perfect time to invest your dollar into independent, local brands

In this climate, with elections nearing and general discontent with the way society is running, it can be hard to avoid political conversation. Even in the fashion, beauty and bridal business, the current situation and political climate is resonating with and effecting both prices and options for consumers.

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The differences and symbiotic relationship between PR, Marketing and Advertising

If you were to determine the three most important aspects of communication for your business or brand, hands down they would be PR, marketing and advertising. While this trio is often in sync and always interconnected, they also stand firmly alone in what their goals, objectives and work look like.

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