19 angles to use in 2019 position your brand on Pinterest - Pinterest 100: Top Trends for 2019

With over 250 million active users, Pinterest remains one of the most relevant and worthwhile social media platforms. I've had business owners ask me time and time again, "is it really worth my time?" And the answer is... "YES!"

Not only is it one of the most responsive (i.e., your ROI for traffic is fantastic for the amount of time you put into the platform) social media, but it has one feature that Facebook and Instagram can’t stand up to: your Pins don’t expire; your content (and links) remain active and relevant as long as users on the platform continue to pin and click through the post (hence the importance of having all the correct details - and even photo dimensions - correct before you hit publish)

Just days ago, Pinterest revealed their Pinterest 100: Top Trends for 2019 - I'm not shocked to see one of my favorite trends right now on this list (neon wedding signs!)

The following trends are definitely on our radar - we can’t wait to see how these trends drive and shape content, publicity and consumer relations with brands on and offline

Searches for gold wedding gowns +1552%
Searches for smoke bomb photography +436%
Searches for moon gatherings +54%
Searches for backyard wedding +441%
Searches for donut decor +748%
Searches for flower garland +1154%
Searches for neon wedding sign +281%
Searches for grazing tables +163%
Searches for textile art +1718%
Searches for cactus arrangements +235%
Searches for tin interiors +563%
Searches for bamboo bags +2215%
Searches for robe silhouettes +689%
Searches for tortoise earrings +679%
Searches for rouche +108%
Searches for sustainable fashion +34%
Searches for standout lip color +467%
Searches for going gray +879%
Searches for geometric decor +1178%

If you’re looking into position your brand for growth and expertise in 2019, we’d love to chat with you about how these angles (and those tailored to your brand) can transform into engagement and traffic driving social media and press campaigns. Get in touch with us here

ICYMI: Let's talk about Pinterest! Pinterest remains an incredibly useful social media marketing tool