3 signs you're ready to hire a public relations agency


“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” -Richard Branson

There’s no doubt that PR is essential in business. Public relations manages a company’s favorable public image. Earned press through PR efforts used to mean features just on television or in print publications, but in the digital age there are endless options. If you’re looking to protect, enhance or build your reputations through earned media, you’ll benefit from hiring a PR agency.

It can be tough to assess when the it’s just right time is to hire an outside agency.

Here are three signs that you’re ready to hire a PR agency:

1.) You’re receiving press inquiries with blogs, magazines, news stations and/or podcasts for quotes and/or interviews on a particular topic (i.e., expert opinions, industry knowledge, etc.)

2.) You plan to launch a product or service that appeals to a trend, revolutionizes or greatly impacts your market, commemorates a milestone or has some other significant and/or newsworthy angle.

3.) You have a budget for hiring a agency as well as PR campaigns and efforts. No PR agency is going to bring on a client who doesn’t have, or cannot determine, a consistent and healthy budget.

PR requires creativity, inspiration, honesty and authenticity. We specialize in consumer relations, fusing knowledge of advertising and marketing to make our client’s PR strategy work in the modern market.

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