5 Tips for staying on track during mercury retrograde - July 2019


If you know anything about our Owner Alex Perry, it’s that she is into astrology. You may have noticed a tattooed Libra symbol on her finger in Perry Rose Media’s branding photos. We thought we’d mix things up a little on the blog and create a new category all about astrology and horoscopes. Let’s dive in.

Call it cliche, but mercury retrograde can be one heck of a challenging time - especially for those of us who work in digital communications. After a week of new moons, solar eclipses and cancerian energy, mercury goes retrograde this Sunday, on July 7, 2019.

Some of the most common things to experience during mercury retrograde include mixed messages, tech bugs, and plain frustrating experiences. Team PRM has complied five helpful tips for keeping yourself on track and in check during mercury retrograde. Pass them along to your team with your share buttons below!

Down in the DM’s

Miscommunication and missed connections are the worst. Even with regularly checking messages, there’s the off-chance that something valuable can get missed. Requests, mentions and replies can get buried when actively using Instagram’s Stories. This is especially true when tagging profiles; the tag appears as a message in your profile’s direct message inbox. If you come across an old message and still want to make the connection, be gracious and thoughtful — check their feed for an update on projects, travel and overall activity. Contact them with something valuable. 

Sent not sending

Few things are worse than a clogged “Outbox” where your perfectly drafted emails sit in a purgatory of “Sending…” Even when things get moving, emails with attachments can be slow to send; make sure timely responses are sent when need be. Pro tip: Avoid long send times by deleting old messages from your inbox routinely. Outlook can get especially problematic in sending when the inbox has hundreds of emails stashed. 

Add ten minutes

If you commute to work, or simply have a stacked day, give yourself an extra ten minutes between stops to get where you need to be. There’s no sense in stressing yourself, and even if you’re punctual, a traffic jam or late bus is bound to happen. Get ahead on your schedule early in the day, you’re more likely to keep riding a productive flow and skip tardiness anxiety. 

Plan of action

Schedule packed with calls and meetings? Keep things organized by creating a plan, or outline, for each appointment. Skip winging your presentations and calls; make small notes to ensure you deliver the message you really want to. Steering the direction of your conversations can lead to better ideas and relationship building, despite planetary disarray.

Pick up the phone

Let’s face it: it’s impossible to detect someone’s true emotion behind an email you don’t understand. Skip the back and forth and pick up the phone. Not a “call me” type? See if a video chat meeting would be possible; that way you can see each other’s body language and have better confidence that any issues are dealt with.

Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to mess up your whole routine; little adjustments with time, and attentiveness to following up can make all the difference.

If you’re looking for a great recommendation for astrology knowledge and horoscope readings, we cannot recommend Jessica Lanyadoo enough! Jessica’s podcast, Ghost of a Podcast, has literally changed our perspective on connecting with others, finding purpose and emotional intelligence, inspiring growth every step of the way. Listen to this week’s episode, diving even deeper into these themes and this week, here!

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