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How we determine if a client has workable chemistry

When you’re finally ready to hire a publicist or PR agency for representation and media relations, the search begins by analyzing the visual content an agency supplies via web and social media. But how can you know if you have chemistry with an agency?

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How money is ruining your mindset when it comes to your business

Through our growth as an agency, we’ve accepted clients and projects that were'n’t reflective of a price that our team was truly worth. It can be hard to say no to small sums of money when nothing else is coming in, but limiting your beliefs about your capabilities and worth is simply toxic.

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Strategic partnerships can elevate your client experience - here's how

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my recent post about strategic partnerships. Here, I’m going a bit further into detail about my work in this area and how to use these relationships to elevate your clients’ experience with your brand.

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