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How to keep your content consistent when you curate as much or more than you create

Unless you're a photographer, graphic designer or are just really good and whipping up all your own content, chances are you have or regularly partner with creative vendors for content. Whether these are collaborative styled shoots or paid content shoots, it's very often necessary to bring in someone else to create your content. This doesn't just go for visuals either - content is also all the lovely copy you're reading right now! Here are a few tips I have for you to keep your branding in check and keep your aesthetic consistent even if you curate more than you create.

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3 free digital tools and websites to leverage strong visuals in Bridal PR

Budgets are one of the toughest obstacles when it comes to a successful Bridal PR campaign. Accessibility to contacts, distribution channels and reporting tools aren't easy to get around paying for - but costly editing and photo building software definitely are. Here are 3 websites and digital tools I use for creating free, quality visuals.

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