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The differences and symbiotic relationship between PR, Marketing and Advertising

If you were to determine the three most important aspects of communication for your business or brand, hands down they would be PR, marketing and advertising. While this trio is often in sync and always interconnected, they also stand firmly alone in what their goals, objectives and work look like.

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4 lessons learned this year as a solopreneur publicist

As they say, hindsight is 20/20; after we complete projects, analyze data and report results, we’re able to learn what did and did not work, how, why, etc. Rather than seeing negative results as mistakes, it’s important to find takeaways to turn them into lessons.

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3 basic Bridal PR services to boost your brand's prominence

PR services can cover a multitude of needs in press and public outreach, communications, partnerships, productions and more. Here are three basic PR services worth investing in, which are great starting points for brands who haven't worked with a PR company before.

Keep in mind, services, packages and prices vary greatly per city, state and country. These recommendations are based off our service list and baseline budgets.

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