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• Copywriting for blogs, email marketing, websites, marketing materials, press releases, etc.
• News distribution to press on local, national and global levels
• Monthly, quarterly and annual planning including marketing strategy, press positioning, brand development, etc.
• Photo shoot production including hiring talent, location scouting, product sample handling, budgeting, etc.
• Consulting in-person, online and over-the-phone to help get you “unstuck” with social media, press knowledge, branding, content/media needs, etc.
• Report analytics for mentions (including press, social media, web, etc.)
• Report social media analytics and metrics (including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
• Establish and benchmark monthly, quarterly and annual goals for press, social media, advertising, etc.


• Set unrealistic expectations for press/media coverage
• Promise insane growth in sales, following, number of likes, etc.
• Buy or recommend buying followers, likes or fans
• Charge insane prices and establish inflated budgets
• Not deliver contracted services

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